EFORT - Energy Focused Resiliece Training

EFORT is a personal productivity-boosting program that lasts for three months and teaches people to avoid stress, and improve their self-awareness through changing their habits and routines. The overall result is a Better You, increased well-being, and work-life balance. Our methodology is self-discovery of our vitality habits, followed by gradual improvement of our personal energy in order to become more resilient, and withstand the many challenges in an increasingly unpredictable life.

  • EFORT is a three months long online program, that You can do in your own time. It requires roughly 20-30 every day to learn, and experiment with the exercises. There are also three workshops included in the program at the beginning, middle and the end.
  • It is personalized, since we provide a full stack of biophysiological measurements to map your very own needs, and to help you decide where you want to improve your life first. These 5-day long tests are done before and after the training, so you can measure your improvements precisely.
  • EFORT is also very practical, since from Day 1 you are discovering, and experimenting with your own habits! The habit change effort is supported by CAT (cognitive advantage training) coaches. You can reach out to these experts throughout the course to improve specific areas of your life (e.g. sleep quality, emotional stability, relationships, mindfulness, etc.) in order to maximize your results.

Based on this unique combination of individualized training, measurements and personal trainers, several examples prove that you can improve your performance as much as 20% in a month, or reduce stress by 100 minutes a day! But the main benefit of the EFORT program is that you will be more self-conscious about what you need to do every day to optimize your vitality, and improve your well-being on the long run!

Interested in creating a lasting change?