H.O.P.E. - Human Optimum Performance Engineering

The goal of the HOPE program is to optimize human performance. It is an advanced training for those people who have already completed the EFORT program and are specifically looking forward to optimize other people (family, work-team, community, etc.), or their physical surroundings as well. The result of completing the HOPE training is an increased amount of Flow. According to Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, Flow is an optimal state of consciousness, where you feel your best and you perform your best. It is a feeling of effortless productivity, and the antidote of burnout. Several researches support this, by providing evidence of 500% productivity increase and 400% increase in creativity while in Flow. Thus, the HOPE program teaches people to experience individual and group flow as well as methods to changing our surroundings. Flowfice is the conscious redesign of our physical environment in order to maximize productivity. HOPE is designed for both the individual, who wants to achieve never-before-seen levels of creativity and productivity, and also for those forward-looking leaders, who would like to increase team performance and employee engagement.

Interested in creating a lasting change?